Are you familiar with the Indiba treatment? In Wellness Beauty we will guide you through this latest and revolutionary treatment of radiofrequency.

The Indiba treatment is based on increasing your body’s temperature through the emission of capacitive and resistive energy, producing an electronic regeneration of your cells and stimulating the blood stream. It is mainly used in healing damaged skin tissue, in the reduction of pain and recovery from strenuous physical activity. In our Centre we combine the Indiba technology with the skills of our professional staff to use the energy of the treatment in the best way possible, and thus provide you with a wonderful service.

The two types of energy emission of Indiba (capacitive and resistive) work both internally within the muscles and bones as well at the skin level. This double action is what produces such extraordinary results in eliminating flaccidity and regenerating the fatigued muscles.

The treatment increases the collagen and elastin levels in our body, improving the elasticity, hydration, smoothness of the skin as well as its regeneration. The positive results can be felt from the very first session.

In Wellness Beauty we work with this innovative technology which improves your skin and body. You can ask for facial and body treatments, so please do avail of it

It´s essential to make all appoinments online or via WhatsApp.Thank you for your understanding.

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It´s essential to make all appointments online or via WhatsApp. Thank you for your understanding

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Benefits of Indiba

Improves your bodyline, creates a lifting effect which will improve the area being treated.

Smooths the skin aging signs, such as wrinkles, spots, expression lines, …

Works against flaccidity in different areas of your body, like arms, legs, glutes…

Increases the hydration and oxygenation of the skin.

Improves the cell regeneration.

Works also as capillary treatment such as slowing down hair loss.

Beneficios de Indiba

[fontawesome icon=”arrow-circle-right” size=”2x” color=”#99C336″ animation_type=”fadeIn”]Modela la silueta, crea un efecto lifting que mejorará la zona tratada.

[fontawesome icon=”arrow-circle-right” size=”2x” color=”#99C336″ animation_type=”fadeIn”]Suaviza los signos de envejecimiento de la piel, como pueden ser arrugas, manchas, líneas de expresión…

[fontawesome icon=”arrow-circle-right” size=”2x” color=”#99C336″ animation_type=”fadeIn”]Combate la fladidez del cuerpo en diferentes zonas como brazos, glúteos …

[fontawesome icon=”arrow-circle-right” size=”2x” color=”#99C336″ animation_type=”fadeIn”]Aumenta la hidratación y oxigenación de la piel.

[fontawesome icon=”arrow-circle-right” size=”2x” color=”#99C336″ animation_type=”fadeIn”]Mejora la regeneración celular.

[fontawesome icon=”arrow-circle-right” size=”2x” color=”#99C336″ animation_type=”fadeIn”]Frena problemas capilares como puede ser la caída del cabello.

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